About Singapore Gazette

GaZette is a cosy Belgian restaurant nestled in the bustling business district at Telok Ayer. Brought to you by two Belgians passionate about Belgian cuisine, beers and wines.

Why the name ‘GaZette’? GaZette is a colloquial expression for newspapers. Opening GaZette is our way of bringing Belgium to Singapore. GaZette will showcase the intricacies and depth of Belgian cuisine classics from the French-speaking Wallonia to the Dutch-speaking Flanders regions.

In The Kitchen

Chef Mathias uses only the freshest and top-quality products to create a unique dining experience.

You can expect some Belgian classics like the Asparagus à la Flamande cooked and served with mimosa egg mixed with herbs and butter, the Beef Cheek carbonnade (stewed in Belgian beer), Atlantic Cod Waterzooi Gent-Style (cooked in a creamy fish broth and white wine) and Belgian fries!